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Slinky Bondage Chick.  Still vaguely creepy and disturbing.

Coming soon?
Yes, is finally under construction...hey, at least it exists. No more popups and similar tripod-related foolishness, this is gonna be the real deal!

Who would believe that the Heroes were still alive if they weren't "working on" some sort of grand project or another? Sure, the pace may be glacial, and the progress incremental, and the results somewhat dubious but...hmmm, what was my point?

Anyway, check back here soon for the music, the pictures, the stories, the adventures of Lothar, Klaus, Otto and Wolfgang, some historical artifacts, a biography of noted composer Havingevoofer Trauserkov and hopefully some video (if the gods of bandwith be willing, and Junior can figure out the modalities of video compression and web-serving that stuff). Also, I am promising to keep posting in a special section about the work that is ongoing (in the rehearsal room, no less) on what we hope will someday turn into another Heroes CD, tentatively titled "Relapse"

Right-click on the icon to the left for an audio surprise In the meantime, there is plenty of Heroes in Rehab information (and lots of free mp3s!) available at Before you go visit there, drop your kindly webmaster a note and say hello. If you ask nicely, I'll even send you an e-mail when the place is cleaned up and we're ready for company.